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We service party rentals in Somers CT. We are a family owned and operated business where we pride ourselves in quality service and top of the line equipment. Our rentals include, but are not limited to bounce houses, water slides, dunk tanks, tents, tables, chairs, themed bouncers, dance floors, and obstacle courses. We always have a variety of inflatable’s and tents to choice from so we can serve your needs. Our company is fully licensed and insured so you will have a worry free experience when renting with us. We follow all amusement laws.
This also makes it easy for schools and churches to rent with us as well. All of our inflatable’s are commercial grade and kept clean and sanitary throughout the season, being cleaned at drop off and when they are picked up. Our company is also not limited to outdoor rentals. We also provide DJ services, dance floors and photo booth rentals. We strive to strive to provide the best party rental services in Somers CT!


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Party Rentals and Bounce House
Rentals in Somers CT Company

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We reserve the right to change any attribute, information, price, policy or procedure without notice. All pictures are for reference only, actual units may vary in person, including but not limited to: color, shape, size or features.

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Call us today for all your party rentals in Somers CT!
(860) 640-4965
Somers, CT 06071
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Party Rentals and Bounce House Rentals in Somers CT Company
#1 Party Rental Company in Somers CT!

Call us today for all your party rentals in Somers CT!
(860) 640-4965
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