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Call us today for all your tent rentals in Somers CT!
(860) 640-4965
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Call us today for all your tent rentals in Somers CT!
(860) 640-4965
Somers, CT 06071

There is a never-ending supply of reasons for celebrating in Somers CT and nothing completes a party more than an elegant looking tent with tables and chairs or a dance floor. Tents are an expected part of the celebration when it comes to carnivals, fairs and weddings. Tents are functional because they provide shade for guests on hot days and shelter when it rains on the party. Tents can create a gathering place or serve as a focal point of the event such as where vows are exchanged. Tent Rentals in Somers CT has several styles and sizes of tents for customers to choose from when booking party rentals including the standard tent, elite tent and circus tent styles.

Tent rentals have been used for anniversary celebrations, birthday parties, graduation parties, fairs, carnivals, fundraisers and outdoor weddings. The tents can look quite festive especially if the poles are decorated. Tent lighting can also be rented to illuminate the tent at night and to give it an elegant flair. Tents are often rented along with tables and chairs and we offer discounts for packaged deals so that our customers can receive more while still saving money. Our tent rentals come in a variety of sizes to fit any guest list. Our staff is very friendly and can assist you in making your selections when you call to place your booking. No matter if your party is a formal one or informal we have the perfect tent for your needs. Hosting a kid party or fair? One of our circus style tents would be perfect. They come in red and white, yellow and white or green and white. Hosting an outdoor wedding? Brides and grooms prefer our elite style tent because the high peak in the center really looks elegant. Our standard tents are great for anniversary celebrations, fundraisers and auctions.

We are excited about the fast approaching new party season and look forward to tent rentals in Somers, CT because our experience has been that they are some of the nicest customers to deal with and we look forward to building new business relationships. Give us a call and book your party today. We are available from 7am to 10pm and are eager to help your party to be a success.

Standard Tent

Circus Tent

Elite Tent

Century Tent

Hex Tent


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Pole Tent

Stacking Chairs

$1.49 with rental

6’ Rectangle Tables

$9.99 with rental

Folding Chairs

$1.49 with rental

60” Round Tables

$11.95 with rental

Cocktail Table $12.95

32 or 42 Inches High

Table Linens
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Globe Lights


Tent Rentals Pricing / Seating Chart

White Ice Chill Table


Table, Chair & Light Rentals

Elite Tent Sides

Standard Tent Sides

$35 per Side

$99 for 4 Sides

2 sides roll up.

Windows walls & window doors.

Our highbred wall system makes pulling back any side as easy
as a shower curtain.

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